Julieanne allen

Growing Tampa Artist

Julieanne has style and flow to her work, When I first saw it - All I thought to myself was "show me more please" - As we flipped through each piece, I was more confident that I wanted to represent her and support her craft here at Buffalo Healy Art. 

INSTA: @julieanne.artist

Message from the Artist

Hi friends, 

   Art is in my soul and is my hearts passion. I believe there are no rules in art. You do not need to conform to anyone else’s ideas, positions or directives. Just create and manifest your unique art. 

    I have been creating for over 40 years and will continue forever. I live in and love Florida which inspires me daily with her gorgeous nature. 
   I love several media’s but gravitate towards acrylic paint, ink and colored pencils. My passion in particular is for sea/maritime art , sugar skulls and all things nature. 

    Commissions are an honor and joy. 

I would love to hear from you! Peace, wellness and creativity to you.

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