KC Graham

Kentucky based Artist:

Krista C Graham creates art because it’s the only thing she has ever cared to do, taking it seriously about 15 years ago. KC graduated with a BA in art in 2013 and decided to go on and pursue work as an independent artist. 

Art keeps KC grounded, and she values the thought, time, and care she puts into each piece. “Love the process, not the product” is the best advice she’s ever received and has become her mantra. The best feeling to her is getting an idea planned and sketched. The second best is seeing it finished. She is committed to drawing every day, even if just for a moment. 

If you’re a resident of Kentucky (or will be around at the time), she’ll be having a show with the Lexington Art League in May at the Loudoun House, with details to come. Also a charity show for the Hope Center will be held July 26th from 7-11pm at Pivot Brewery in Lexington. 

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