A message from Christopher

My Mission:

My intention with this site is to connect artists ... Easy idea right? Not quite, I have been in the art scene now for a couple years and there is not a single person that is outside of the "bubble" that understands this world. Most people do not understand the love that goes into a piece of art. I aim to change this with the help of other artists. 

I was in marketing for the better part of the past 10 years, I want to do what I love just as much as anybody else. What this means is that I have the skillset to merge my idea of what the art industry should look like, into a model that suites each featured artist. I will meet individually with each person and find out what their target market is and make sure that I am the best representative of each artists aspirations. 

Mission statements – with the help of each new feature artist, I intend to have regular showings and galleries setup throughout the country. If we have to start digital and grow then so be it, I understand that as an entrepreneur, but our expectations can never be cut short by the old art world.  

Company policies – I will never cut down an artist, but I am also a professional with a vision. DO NOT expect to be featured if your work reflects any unexplainable horrors 

Want to know more about me?

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I am known to be friendly and that is my intention with this new gallery, being open to feature artists New and Old, who want a shot to have art hanging outside of their own living room :)