Purchasing art

Custom work


When you are thinking about purchasing art, it can be confusing to the point of giving up. Here is the step by step process taken by BHA to make sure you are comfortable with your new aquisition!

Step One: Consultation


Get with our team and decide what/where/and what size. This way we start Knowing the space you want to fill will be adequately filled with your custom piece!

Step two: Concepts


Here in our studio we will come up with some preliminary concept art for you to review before any substantial work has even begun. After all, you are the client and deserve exactly what you have in your mind.

Step Three: lighting and color


This is not as confusing as it sounds. We all know the diversity that comes with our fellow human race. We will provide examples of how the piece will look in Your specific space. 

Step Four: Hanging or Shipment


We have clients all over North America, if you are close we will gladly make the hanging kit and do it for you. If your far, we can consult on the lighting and placement of your custom piece.

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